I always get asked to describe my style and I am like, “Uhm I am a complex human being, what do you mean?” My style changes with every mood. Is Mercury in Retrograde? Have I had my morning tea yet? These are the questions that are important to my daily decision in what I am going to wrap my skin in.

That being said, the moment I have figured out how I want the world to approach me, my shoes complete the look.

I had the absolute pleasure in figuring out 3 looks centered by these swoon worthy shoes from local South African brand House of Cinnamon. I went to their showroom and couldn’t breathe because of the beauty of the shoes. They are well designed by the fabulous Founder and Creative Director Frances Edwards, in edgy prints, textures and silhouettes that will make any gal stop and ask WHAT ARE THOSE? (In a good way).

Edwards design approach may be characterized as innovative yet simple and strikingly stylish. Every pair of hand-crafted flats, loafers, sandals is produced with great care and pride. This is reflected in the meticulous attention to detail and the quality.  

Let’s get into the looks shall we?

Look 1: I’m on my Migos Swag

The House of Cinnamon Georgia Ankle Boots give me Versace vibes on 100%. They are super comfy with a badass print. Paired with my fav Grandpa shirt (thrifted) and high waisted Revolt Clothing pants.

Hair and makeup by me. If you want to know how I do my Bantu knots check out the tutorial here. 

Look 2: I’m a 90s Bitch

Nothing screams 90s like plaid, corduroy and velvet.  These Brogues are finished with a patent leather and animal hide. Blazer and sequin shorts from Revolt Clothing, Velvet dress worn as a top, thrifted.

Earrings from The Oriental Plaza.

Look 3: World Traveller

The moment I saw these Caroline Snake Print Leather Mules I knew I would had to roll around in print, and see what sticks. Gave me annoying wanderlust friend vibes, always talking about her escapades in China, India and Somewhere in Africa.

Let’s breakdown where all these pieces come from.

Kimono Coat: Thrifted

Printed Dress: Revolt Clothing

Printed Denim Pants: H&M

Scarf: Broska is a german/italian luxury brand that handprints silk, cashmere and linen scarves. All are produced in limited quantities and sold internationally. 

Jewellery: East-African lifestyle brand Seringa’s jewellery is handmade in Kenya and is made exclusively from brass. 
Which look is your favourite, and do you have a style that you can define in one sentence? Comment below your thoughts.
P.S I missed you guys.
All pics by Kudzai King


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  1. Great post love the styling.


  2. Beautiful blog. Love the shoes and the way you styled your outfits to fit the shoe style. You are a genius.


  3. Beautiful and dope styling as always. My favorite would have to be the 90’s vibe. But nonetheless you kill everyone of the looks!!


  4. We knew you’re all about fashion, when did you master the face beat too? Fire all round.🔥


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