Let’s talk SA Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018, so grab some tea/coffee (read martini because #Friday), sit back and let’s get into it.

So after panicking and developing hives on what on earth I am going to wear, I finally walk through the doors of Sandton City Rooftop to see a slew of fashion fanatics rushing to get their tickets, grabbing a drink from the Cruz Vodka bar, and most importantly making sure they get their #OOTD pics from their fav photographers…Cue major anxiety mixed with excitement.

It was seemingly smooth in getting my accreditation (front row seats, all day everyday baby) and there was way more space to maneuver than the previous fashion weeks I had been to. Yay team! After talking shit with my fashion babes (Hi Ricci-lee, Ayanda and Khomotso) the bell finally rings and fashion week has officially started.

So what were my fav designers showcasing their Spring/Summer collections for 2018? Keep scrolling:

The fast becoming legend Rich Mnisi showcased his tailored-to-perfection collection. You might recognize some pieces that showed at Arise Fashion Week, that VOGUE yes Vogue recently covered. Thanks Naomi Campbell.

Thebe Magugu another designer on everyone’s radar, showed us asymmetric silhouettes, mixing textures and repurposing pieces to wear in an unconventional way. Peep the trousers as a dress. (Look 2)

Hellooooo drama! Erre wowed the audience with their dramatic gowns, in bright hues and movement as fluid as water. These aren’t your ordinary summer dresses, these were constructed with a tailored eye that I truly appreciated.

Disclaimer:  I am crushing hard on the man behind Black Coffee, he is such a dreamy silver fox. Anyway the applique in this collection is truly remarkable. No hanging threads or awkward placements, everything was thought out. Also can we talk about these shades? Where do we get them???

Originally Kasified Clothing gave me major androgynous vibes, which is literally my fav thing. Just imagine a world with men walking around in pastels and soft hues in the streets of Jozi. Can this come true please?!

Ok let’s pause because the next two designers I am going to talk about need a full on breakdown of my thoughts.

Ready? Ok!

Durban University of Technology Rise of the OXX SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT!!! It was proven again that we need to “Listen to the kids” – Kanye West. The Students of DUT took me on an emotional journey. I actually felt moved watching each piece go down the runway. The mood was eerie in the music they chose, the intricate makeup that gave geometric realness and the unicorn hats with faces that made me feel uncomfortable. A tidbit about me, my fav designer is Alexander McQueen so you get why I loved these collections. The styling was thought out to a T, the pieces were from another planet whether you enjoyed them or not, you definitely felt something. At the end I found myself lifting from my seat and giving them a standing ovation (Ok I was the only one) because I loved every second of it. #Innovation

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room. So we all know Gert-Johan Coetzee as the must go to designer for your red carpet needs. So it was super interesting to hear that he partnered with McDonald’s (yip the nasty fast food joint) 50th Anniversary of the Big Mac ( I was a 2 cheeseburger meal kinda girl so I was already annoyed). Already I was thinking this better not be Moschino X Jeremy Scott 2.0 vibes. Well it wasn’t because it was quite disjointed in the presentation. We started with Gert’s red carpet looks and metallic, sequence motif he has been pushing lately, then all of a Sunday M’s all over the place. I felt that he should have showed his S/S 18 collection separate to the McDonald’s collaboration.

Ok but what about the actual McDee’s pieces? I feel that he really could have pushed himself further and done some innovative pieces, that the kids of Braam would want to run out and buy. I wanted to see street, cool pieces in dope silhouettes rather than a t-shirt with an M. Oh well.


  • I was thoroughly impressed by the organization of this fashion week because the last was a disaster.
  • I enjoyed that the designers took into consideration that styling is just as important as the garments themselves with a few acceptions.
  • SAFW needs to stop letting old designers show, who refuse to get with the times and give us the same crap every season, bringing a dampened mood on what could have been an excellent fashion week.  Looking at you Sun Goddess.

The best part about this blog has finally arrived. WHAT ON EARTH DID I WEAR??? Well here you go.

Look 1 – Jumpsuit Designed by me. Stay tuned for deets on this new venture in my life.

Captured by: Lesedi Rudolph

My biatch Ricci-lee Kalish, Curator of Big Bad Wolf. Read her take on SAFW here:

Look 2 – All thrifted pieces so don’t even ask.

Captured by: David Blaq for

Look 3 – Denim jacket from Zara, custom painted with Lady Gaga Monster Paw by my Husbabe Gerardo Madonia.

Captured by: 72 Photography for UFL Africa

How cool are we? The Madonia’s in the building! Make sure you follow my husbabe ok. @mr.madonia 

Thanks Dzolls



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  1. I felt the same on on the McD & Gert Collab it lacked that street factor it was more about his Aesthetic than the collab.


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