OOTD – Metallics and Stuff

I am back with another quick outfit of the day that I wore on a date night with my husbabe. I really felt like being glam casual (just made it up, go with it) as we were just going down the road to our fav mexican joint Perron.

We all have the tendency to be drawn to really shiny things, whether in the mall when your mom would say “Don’t touch that!” All the glitter pens and pencils when shopping for stationary, or the metallic sequins that you will buy and make it work day or night. Shiny things are life…don’t @ me.

Let’s get into this outfit.

I stepped out the house with my kaki denim two piece by Revolt Clothing. It gives me major 90’s vibe, think Aaliyah slaying in 2018.

Bringing in the glam with my fav black/silver metallic top from Zara. This top makes me feel like I am wearing nothing. It is so light, and can transition to any season by layering. At first I thought it would die a horrible death in the washing machine, but this top has lasted through the most and that makes me happy af!

Cav (check in English) the shoes. Courtesy of Shanghai markets.

Tidbit about me: My fav colour is Pink, so when my awesome cousin bought me this bag for my birthday I was over the moon. I literally took out all my stuff from my old bag and packed everything into this new one. Reminds me of the scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Andy gives Lily the new Marc Jacobs bag ( I have watched this movie too many times). Anyway thanks cuz.

The face beat by me. I used all Colour Pop Cosmetics for my eye shadow and lipstick. Did I slay it or what?

Catch me in the comments, and let me know if you dig the look or nah.

*pics by the Husbabe Gerardo Madonia

Thanks Dzolls!

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  1. Gerardo Madonia March 28, 2018 — 11:28 AM

    I definitely DIG the outfit. I love metallics as well! I got these pair of Merlot metallic Chelsea boots that I love and swear I’d wear them all the time if I could. LOVE LOVE LOVE how you did your makeup with Colour Pop. I love always reading these posts. Please keep it up, you are such an inspiration.


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