Happy Valentine’s day Yall. I had my first Valentine 14th Feb 2011 with my now husband Jerry. But when I was single I still enjoyed making cards for my friends and folks, watching others get gifts and the spreading of love. What I didn’t like were party poopers that wrote long statuses about why they hate Vday. Mmmmkay doll no one cares, let people have nice things. At the end of the day love yourself bitches. It’s guaranteed.

That being said I had to treat myself today and give my skin all the damn love in the world after the most hectic start to the year. Turns out trying to achieve goals can really take a toll on your skin lolz.

I was first introduced to the South African skincare brand Skoon when I received a sample of their products in a gift bag from Hello Joburg. So I gave it a try and thought wowza if this is not the best products that has ever touched my face! #Realtalk

To my excitement I received another package with full sized items to try out and definitely write home about. So sit back and grab a snack because I’m about to tell you about the best proudly South African skincare brand.

Skoon (which means clean in Afrikaans) is so refreshing because it is such a transparent brand. When you log on to their website every product has a listing of the natural ingredients, the scientific ingredients and their benefits, and how to use the product. Each product is either 100% organic, Natural or Naturally derived (click here to learn the difference), manufactured in Skoon’s own factory in Cape Town, ensuring high quality every step of the way. Most importantly Skoon is cruelty free…Bonus!

I tested out the Whitewash Minipot (30ml) which is a purifying clay cleanser. This product is beneficial for people with oily skin + combination skin + breakouts problems.

How To Use: 

Apply a coin sized amount of the purifying cleanser on damp cleaned skin. Add moisture and massage lightly all over the face and neck, avoiding the eyes. Take off the cleanser with the Skoon 100% cotton Muslin Cloth that doubles up as an exfoliator while removing product from your face. Just run the cloth under lukewarm water and remove.


The cleanser left my skin very soft, but not as smooth as I liked. I still had a few whiteheads on my nose and chin. The smell of the product is absolutely amazing, not to toxic or smelling like alcohol. The pump on the bottle is super easy to use and doesn’t seem like it will get stuck or clogged.

I have used the Papaya + Pineapple Sherbet enzyme exfoliating mask (100ml) before and it is the product that made me fall in love with Skoon. It can be used for all skin types to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove impurities for smoother texture and skin clarity.

How To Use: 

Scoop a small amount of the clay in the palm of your hand, add water drop by drop until the sherbet is a smooth paste. Apply on clean skin, and rinse off after 5-8 minutes.


YAAASSSS. Now we are talking. My skin is smooth, soft and smells like Papaya and Pineapples. No irritation whilst the product was on. No long waiting time to get results, and most of my white heads have been removed. This mask will definitely become part of my regime.

On my body I used the Vanilla + Blood Orange Minipot solid body oil (30ml) perfect for all skin types to keep skin soft, glowing and supple. Enriched with organic Shea and Coconut #Blackgirlmagic


How To Use: 

Well we should all know how to a moisturiser on our body so gonna skip that.


As a black girl body lotions or oils are very important to my daily life. The thicker the better because we cannot be walking around looking ashy. I took a small amount for my arm and it really went a long way. The coverage was amazing leaving my skin super soft, smelling like vanilla gold and glowing for the gods. I love this stuff, and happy that it is infused with Shea butter and Coconut oil. #Winning

Now it was time for my face glow up. I used the Glow Drops Concentrate for all skin types. Infused with Jojoba Oil, Vanilla and Neroli essential oils.

How To Use: 

You can mix any Skoon concentrates and serums together or use them alone. It is really up to you. I used these drops alone and put a few drops around my face and massaged it gently into my skin.


Again I thought I might need more because of my prone to be dry skin, but nope Skoon got it right for the black girls again! My skin was not oily but rather glowing from within, which made me want to take all the selfies and show off my melanin.

Overall I am excited to tell my momma, friends, husbabe and everyone that comes across me about this local skin care brand. I will be trying out their cleansers in the near future. I am all about supporting local so get on it and purchase your first Skoon products. When you do make sure to let me know how it went for your skin type and if you dig it as much as I do.

*pics by the Husbabe Gerardo Madonia

Thanks Dzolls!




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  1. OMG! My wife has the exact same products and swears by them! Love your take on everything and it was very informative. Def gonna check them out and hopefully they got some mens products.


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