Am I the only one who gets super lazy with festive messages? “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year?” blerrgghh. But anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR DZOLLS!

Let’s get into the very first Afropunk on African soil.

Ok so December 30th and 31st was Afropunk Joburg and everyone was stressing the eff out on what to wear, who they are riding with and if they will get photographed. As you may or may not know South Africa was also really pissed at the announcement of Solange cancelling her act due to autonomic disorder. Among those South African’s was me. I was HELLA PISSED. Let me tell you why. First of all she said that Afropunk been knowing that she has been ill and that she MIGHT not be able to perform. (Read next line with claps in between) SO WHY DID THEY NOT HAVE A REPLACEMENT? Ok cool. They also announced just days before, which is pretty messed up because most people literally bought tickets just to see Solange.

Alright so then everyone and their mama starts playing all the Anderson .Paak joints, trying to learn all the lyrics so they don’t feel left out. But then Afropunk decides to move him to the Sunday spot (Dec 31st) to be the headliner. Ok cool I wasn’t mad at that because I bought the weekend pass. But what about the poor souls that literally bought Saturday tickets to see Mr Paak? Afropunk tries to do damage control and gives ERRBODY a weekend pass. EXCUSE ME? I bought a weekend pass in advance and I don’t get a refund of R300 now that errbody gets a weekend pass? A.N.N.O.Y.E.D. It’s cool let’s go see all the black magic.

Ok so my crew and I are super stoked, drinking Gin at the crib, putting dots on our faces and adorning ourselves with African beads. We finally get into our Uber van, bumpin’ all the jams and finishing our “water”. But mother nature didn’t want us to slay, because the rain AND HAIL came all the way through. We arrive, get literal plastic bags for R70 to cover ourselves (black people are opportunists) and head for the nearest tent to wait out the rain.

Finally the Sun graced us with its presence and the music begins to take over our souls.

Now let’s talk my outfits.

Day 1

I was determined to wear all things Revolt Clothing because I am a walking billboard. Took it easy on day 1 with an African print-esque jumpsuit, black and white beaded earrings and hand bracelet from my traditional wedding, and rose gold face art for the beat. But the most important part were my Dr Martens because they withstood the muddy dance floor. (Sorry for the blurry pics, the lighting wasn’t on our side)

The Beat!

Day 1 was absolutely amazing. I call it day 1 of Gqom. All the black magic was in full force. I kept repeating to my friends “Fuck but black people are beautiful!” I also felt a sense of sadness because if you are a black person in the corporate field they do not allow us to flourish the way we did at Afropunk, and that needs to change. Also women were owning their bodies! I felt a sense of safeness, no stares or unwanted advances and that is the way we should keep it for 2018 PLEASE!

Day 2 

No NYE is complete without sequins. I opted for a grungy glam look (which I just figured out is my regular style). All Revolt Clothing obvi, with platform ankle boots for mud safety lol. Black face art and all the attitude. I did not take my own individual outfit pics because the Sun was not allowing me to be present. I was in a foul mood and didn’t want anything.

My gorgeous babes Khomotso Moloto (left) and Christelle Crinall (right)

The Beat!

Day 2 was the complete opposite of my experience on day 1. Besides my foul mood from exhaustion and the Sun disrespecting us, it was too packed! Everyone who wanted to see Solange came on Sunday, adding all the peeps who wanted to see Anderson .Paak. We couldn’t stand in the entire space because mud was still an issue. My friend and I decide to head to the Martell marque to just sit and try bring ourselves towards ourselves. After eating horrific chicken wings and stale fries we finally have the courage to go back into the mess. Happy New Year, kisses, tears and shots. We entered the new year with Omunye phezu komunye because nothing else would have made sense. Then finally Anderson .Paak. Yaaay…actually no. There were so many busy bodies walking up and down in the smallest of spaces, pushing everyone out the way. The energy wasn’t the same as the day before and I was fed the fuck up. I left right in the middle of Anderson .Paak and got the hell out of there.

My Fav Acts

Our local artists came all the way through at Afropunk. I was so proud to see how they represented us on an international platform. This country is packed with talent and all I can say is AFRICA YOUR TIME IS NOW! That being said here are my top 5 in no particular order.

  1. Manthe Ribane ( )
  2. Black Motion ( )
  3. DJ Anais B ( )
  4. Nakhane )
  5. Just Themba )

Thank you for blessing us! (pics from google images)

In conclusion I will never go to a 2 day festival again. But I see you Afropunk you are truly a beautiful mess.

*pics by me, Malope Makola and Angelique Crinall 

Thanks Dzolls!



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  1. OMG you looked fantastic both days, day two outfit is my personal favorite very care free. I looked like it was a lot of fun on instagram but I guess those where al from day 1 of the festival… still don’t understand how they cancel Salonge and dont replace her, who would you have liked to replace her? I think that would have been a great Gaga Concert


  2. Dope read…thanx for the cred…I might do a two day thing again..:it was fun… my top 5 in order!

    1 The Brother Moves On.
    2 Thebe
    3 Nakhane
    4 blitz Ambassador
    5 Manthe Ribane


  3. Gerardo Madonia January 4, 2018 — 6:27 PM

    I say this all the damn time. I love reading these. I agree with all this! You look dope as shit and shit needs to be just like it was at AfroPunk. No staring or rude mufukin comments.


  4. Loveeee this and the outfits!!! You stay killin em ✨


  5. Thanks for a truthful piece.


  6. If these magazines do not hire you to write for them, they are missing out on a good writer. A good read . I was not there but I now feel like I was there. 🙏🏾


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