Indaba Hotel + Hello Joburg = Relaxation

Oooh Y’all prepare to be jealous with this blog post because LIVING!

I was recently invited to Indaba Hotel by my friends  Hello Joburg, along with 8 other bloggers waiting to destress. All week I kept waiting for the long Heritage weekend, and checking the itinerary booming with excitement. Finally Friday arrived, I packed my bags and was out the door. Thankfully Indaba Hotel is only an 8 min drive from my house so I was definitely the first one there.

I rushed to my hotel room where I knew I would have the ultimate alone time. Sorry husbabe and fur baby but mama got to rest.  It was a standard hotel room, not too lavish but had super cute personal touches just for little ole me. I was welcomed with a note from the CEO, my itinerary for my stay and a bottle of wine. Guess what I opened first (tongue out emoji).

An awesome welcome gift with, handmade soap, bath salts and a bath bomb that smelled like a glow up waiting to happen, topped with my signature scent.

After unpacking and getting ready I headed to Chief Boma’s Restaurant, and was met with the Hello Joburg team, 8 other bloggers and the head chief himself. Formalities blah blah blah then amazing starter Big Five (Buck addition) platter came out to grace our hungry souls.  We then headed to the buffet which was DELICIOUS!!! (I am full thinking about it)

Lots of Indaba wine (from their own vineyard on the property), plenty food and chats later it was time to hit the sack, because we had an early day of pampering.

Alarm rings at 7am (I’m not happy) I arise to the beautiful sounds of birds, and a waterfall feature that was right outside my room (I’m happy now). I put the kettle on, have some tea, get ready, and I meet the lovely bloggers for a hearty breakfast. An abundance of continental options from fruits, pastries, cereal, and smoothies were staring at me (cue the anxiety of decision making). I opted for some fruit and eggs benedict because bacon and english muffins are the key.

Breakfast is served

Eggs Benedict


A lady with a soothing voice came to get us and directed us to the Mowana Spa, to our first 45 min foot massage session. Looorrddttt was I excited. Tranquil music played as we all got assigned to our masseuse. I was graced with the presence of Lebo who is now my best friend because her hands were specially made by the massage Gods.

Heaven in Fourways


Foot Massage

The oils, salts, warm water and music put me in a deep sleep. After a few “Ma’ams wake your ass up” I woke up and remember “Oh snap! there is more”

A 45 min head, shoulder and neck massage followed by a 45 min FULL BODY MASSAGE!!! Guise at this stage I am a floating cloud, smiling for no reason and ready for a nap. Instead we had our farewell cocktails, checked out and went our separate ways…for now.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage

Ultimate Relaxation

So listen to this. A 2 day stay at Indaba hotel for 2 + 3 course dinner meal plus drinks + breakfast + three 45 min session massages = R2999 WHAAATTTTT??? So the next time you need a baecation (or staycation if you are a joburger) ask for the African Escape Spa and Stay Pamper Journey or click here to get all the deets. #You’reWelcome

I special thank you to Hello Joburg for such an amazing time. My go-to guide for all things Joburg.

Sigh…Thanks Dzolls

Pics by me and the babe Heather 



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  1. Gerardo Madonia October 2, 2017 — 9:17 PM

    #jealous and damn that breakfast looks beautiful. What a deal too with all those massages. Def need to plan a baecation soon.


  2. Thank you so much for joining Bianca and I at the our latest #HelloRecommends event! Glad you had such an awesome time and we look forward to hosting you again very soon!



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