OOTD – Thrifted Pieces In Spring

It’s Spring Bitchezzzz, and I’m damn excited. I was getting hella tired of Winter. Way too much laundry, running out of layering ideas, but here I am now stomach out and all (halla if you hear meee).

So in the wake of Spring, I put makeup on and took my butt to Styling Concepts Spring party. IT WAS DAMN HOT that day, but humans can never be satisfied. So I rummaged through my closet to look for something comfy, yet bold.

My fave comfy pants are these bold print pants from Guess Inc (fun fact: I use to do visual merchandising for Guess in Los Angeles).

The funkiest top you ever did saw is from Wasteland thrift store. Bra straps, lace trim, fur (not sure if it is real or nah) and cropped to show off my tum tum. It may be my fav statement top in my closet.

Because I was confused what I will be doing at night I had to through on a denim jacket from the Husbabe’s closet. My husband was ahead of the trends y’all because this patch work denim jacket is HELLA old. I see you boo.

I finished off the look with a sunkissed beat because my melanin thrives in the South African sun.

I strutted my way out the door in my fav Superbalist mules, for fun in the sun with my fashion babes. Great cocktails, convo and fun. Thanks for the invite Styling Concepts.

Thanks Dzolls

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  1. A very good mix of natural colors for a summer outfit. love the pants so much.


  2. Great read. Love the detail about the top from wasteland. 🤘


  3. Husbabes’ patchwork denim jacket for he win!! Looking stunning doll- face. Xx


  4. The whole look is fiiiiyyyaaaahhhh!!!!! ❤


  5. The whole look is fiiiyyyyaaahhhh! ❤


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