Mmmkay #MBFWJ17 – Recap

Alright lets discuss Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg SS17 shall we?

Every season the fashion industry folk get their accreditations, and a huge cloud of stress comes over you. Wondering what you going to wear each day? How will you get to the venue? Is eating even an option, or will it be a liquid diet for the next few days? Alas we make it happen and the week begins.

My Look 1

I started off the shows on Day 2 of #MBFWJ17. It was brutally cold so my whole outfit needed to change to match the insane weather. I wore a navy faux fur coat from Revolt Clothing, (that was my life saviour, because I literally thought I was in an episode of Game of Thrones manning The Wall) a floral midi ruffle dress from the same brand, and a leatherette corset dress from Zara for extra warmth and badassery.

Picture by Lourens Smit @lourens_smit

Picture by Ricci-Lee Kalish @bigbadwolf _sa

My Look 2

I honestly could not do day 3 because I really didn’t feel like freezing to death. So skip to the last day, where I knew it would be a bit warmer since the shows started in the day. Everything was going well until I spilled tea on my dress just as I was headed out the door. I realized I left my lanyard that grants me access at home, and I was bloody hungry. Either way I made it work and looked BOMB AF in my traditional Mexican dress (gifted by my mother-in-law), thrifted vintage blue blazer, and my head turning earrings from Yolanda Ndinisa.

Picture by Lourens Smit @lourens_smit

The Designers and stuff

Mmmfff… Before I begin I wanted to give a huge round of applause to all the designers that showcased, as it takes great bravery to put yourself out there, but man was I bored. Nothing and I mean nothing took my breath away. There have been numerous occasions where fashion has literally made me cry, because I can feel the passion, research and inspiration the designer put into each garment. This did not happen during MBFWJ17. I felt that the pieces shown are trends that have passed, or trends currently in our stores. I understand that fashion might not have the trickle down theory any longer, and that street style could be influencing designers now, but I didn’t feel any creativity coming from the designers that showed. Everything boils down to your taste but as a fashion enthusiast there is so much happening in the world that could influence mind blowing designs, ESPECIALLY in the land of raw materials such as South Africa actually AFRICA.

To not be a complete asshole here are my fav-ish designers that made me at least take off my shades and create an insta-story. All pictures courtesy of African Fashion International.

1. Gavin Rajah

Textures, florals (obvi) and interesting silhouettes. We saw a lot of sheath and empire waist silhouettes in this collection which works for me because skinny bitch problems. You could see the effort in time consuming hand work with embroidery, applique and lace. The garments where not talking to each other though. Besides the hair and makeup where is the story? See full collection here:

2. Adama Paris

Ok this lace, crochet, I’m-going-to-coachella fabrication is sooooo last year it is not even funny. This collection is the complete opposite to Gavin Rajah in the sense of cohesion. It was an all white collection, using the same fabric but in different silhouettes. The styling of the pop of orange was prominent and sophisticated. BUT this was a lazy way to create a story of cohesion, and I can get these pieces at TALLY WEiJL. See full collection here:

3. Vizuvlgvds

I am not a fan of t-shirts, especially if they have a boring print on the front. But this brand (that I don’t feel like typing the name again) made me raise an eyebrow of interest for the minimalist urban-wear movement that I can’t ignore. I felt the fit of these loose silhouettes was on point, and the print was interesting. I do not appreciate them making black people look ashy but I dig the minimalist approach to their styling. Barely no makeup, barefoot and you peeked my interest? This is when clothes speak for themselves. See full collection here:

Xperience AFI

I took a walk around the corner from the classy glass marque of MBFWJ and found myself in the parking lot of Mall of Africa, where my people (Millennials) were doing the damn thing. Each corner was filled with artists showcasing their raw, unfiltered talent. Graffiti, skateboarders, young fashion designers and dj’s spinning tunes we just had to dance to. The best part was I got a FREE HAIRCUT by Legends Barber. You have to check them out:

Pictures courtesy of The Threaded Man

In conclusion meh…

Thanks Dzolls



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  1. Hi gal I do like your style wow you will go far n far


  2. Gerardo Madonia August 22, 2017 — 7:14 PM

    Omg wow this went in! So true and love your point of view. I wish you were my best friend so that we could go to the next ine together and just gossip lol. Awesome post, I look forward to your next post.


  3. You have such a unique style!!


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