Florals and Leather at Arbour Cafe

Happy Women’s Month to all the goddesses of South Africa!

Over the weekend I treated myself to a new cafe I discovered Arbour Cafe. I personally hate restaurants that are in mall strips, which is very popular in Johannesburg. I need that cute and quaint stand alone digs with ample instagram worthy pics.

Arbour Cafe and Courtyard is a french inspired restaurant with a cute courtyard perfect for brunch with your friends. I went during the day on Sunday and the sun hit the courtyard and made everything look crisp, since they have an all white theme, with gorgeous plants surrounding you. It has a calm feng shui which is very important to me when picking a restaurant.

I started my meal with a glass of Vondelling Rose with 2 strawberries because boozy fruit yum! (Shoutout to my sharp AF cat eye using Urban Decay liquid liner in black and rose gold)

I was craving salmon and lo and behold it was on the menu. I ordered the Salmon Galette with capers, cucumber, dill creme fraiche. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I haven’t had a french inspired meal in a while so it was refreshing to have the salmon served in a galette.

Now onto important things like my outfit. JK food is important too.

I have been so over Winter and wanted to brighten my mood with a flowy maxi dress from Revolt Clothing (currently sold out). I had to jazz up my look with something edgy so I had to rock my Century 21 leather jacket paired with my Tory Burch leather stiletto boots. Scroll down to see the look.

Let’s not forget my facebeat! Cat eye and bold lip is my go to all day everyday!

If you are in Joburg don’t forget to check out Arbour Cafe and let me know if you loved it.

Fashion tip: Don’t be afraid to mix your softer items in your closet, with edgier pieces such as a leather jacket. This is perfect during transitioning weather when mother earth doesn’t know what she wants.

Thanks Dzolls for stopping by.

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Pics taken by: https://www.instagram.com/mr.madonia/



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  1. Too nice , the food just becomes a cherry on top


  2. Beautiful review. i love your style too.


  3. Beautiful review and I love your style


  4. Beautiful review. I will definately visit the restuarant soon. I love what you are wearing.


  5. There’s nothing like edgy leather paired with a feminine dress!


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