Welcome back folks. I’m super stoked to introduce this series of my OOTD (Outfits of the day). Nothing excites me more than getting dressed up, playing with different silhouettes and textures. I normally have an element of edge to my outfits because I’m cool like that (wipes dirt off my shoulder). Today was no different, I woke up feeling like I was part of the Kravitz family and got my rock on.

I dug into my closet, (and my husbabes) and pulled this rocker chic outfit together. I had a meeting at Hard Rock Cafe (go figure), lunch with a friend and went through to my homies gig for a night of dancing. So I had to dress for a full day. I think I nailed it.

Now lets get into it…

My epic jacket is from my very own brand Revolt Clothing (www.revoltclothing.net). It is a black suede moto jacket that can bring edge to any look, and totally works year round.

My skirt is part of a two piece from Zara that I got in Los Angeles. I love to break the two pieces apart and style them in different looks. From Formal to casual it always works.

This is where my husbabe comes in. He has had this Tapatio shirt for yeaaarrsssss and he low key looks just like him. I had to borrow it (or never give it back) for this look because fun fact; I’m not a T-shirt fan sooo.

The accessories! You will never catch me out the house without a stack of rings. I just adore rings. The ones I pick depend on my mood and these from Forever 21 nailed it! My shoes that I always get compliments on; are the best ankle boots. So comfy, edgy and the best shoes to travel with. I’m not your Uggs kinda gal (no offense) so these H&M boots are the bees knees. I had to add some silly with my cute baby-blue-barbie socks 🙂

Hope you loved my look and will put a little edge to your next day out.

Thanks Dzolls!

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  1. Love that pleated metallic skirt 🙂 Great post!


  2. Lovely outfits cc All the best my lv


  3. You SO pull off this edgy outfit!


  4. You look great!! The jacket and skirt are amazing! It’s a great day to night look!

    Jess | http://www.TheVogueVoyager.com


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