sama awards red carpet 2017

On Saturday 27 May all roads led to Sun City for the 23rd South African Music Awards (SAMA‘s), and I was there strutting in a Clive Rundle look. It was super stressful (to be honest) to get the dress, hair, makeup, nails and swag down in just under a week; IT WAS THE MOST!!! I would like to think I pulled it all together and I was feeling good AF.

Lets Get Into The Look

My dress as mentioned before is by the brilliant Clive Rundle. When I pick pieces to buy or source, I need to feel it in my gut, and if I am not on the verge of tears then it isn’t for me. I saw this piece and it just got better and better. I call it “The Illusion” (Insert Lady Gaga here lol). It has so many elements to where you can change the silhouette. I opted for the looser fit because I am a sucker for comfort. The print is just breath taking and different (not your average red carpet look) and the bows on the side (that my husband tied) gave me LIFE.

Now the hair was done by Nomsa Billion Dollar Looks. She braided these awesome box braids and I styled the look. She really understands the texture of natural hair, and man are her hands are so soft! (if you black you know what I mean). I did my make up, which I was super nervous about but I’m open to learn more eyeshadow tricks.  My fav part were my nails. I did them myself because I absolutely enjoy doing my nails, I find it so therapeutic. I hope to do a Youtube tutorial on this look soon.

sama awards red carpet 2017

sama awards red carpet 2017

sama awards red carpet 2017

The Red Carpet 

Mmmkay, I wouldn’t be Silverwears if I wasn’t honest about the looks I saw the “Celebs” wearing on the carpet. Trying to navigate my way through a crowded media room, with photographers shouting names to get the attention of the “shmelep” I was still on my A-game, and critical fashion eye. There were definitely some wow moments on the carpet with beautiful gowns, and shocking pieces that made you say huh?

I feel that the stylists and designers should be held accountable for putting all different body types, different personalities in one silhouette. I think the womxn need to understand that because they saw Beyonce on the carpet with a cut-out lace, mermaid dress doesn’t mean that you will look good in that silhouette. This is where the designers and stylists should step in and do their job and make them shine on the carpet. It’s fashion, live a little, go against the norm.

Annyyywayyy, all in all I give all the looks a 6/10. Hoping to see more innovative designs the next award season. In the meantime scroll down to get the 411 on my look.

Thanks Dzolls!

sama awards red carpet 2017



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  1. LOVE how colorful this is!


  2. jessexplainsitall June 17, 2017 — 1:31 AM

    I love your box braids – they look so good on you. It’s a great look for the red carpet!

    Jess |


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