Nativechild Product Review – Bantu Knot Tutorial for Natural 4C Hair

Thank you for tuning in! Today I will be talking about the products I received from South African natural care brand Nativechild. I received these products to do an honest review and man am I glad to share them with you. Nativechild is a natural hair & bodycare brand, that caters to Afro, Kinky, Ethnic type hair, which is perfect for my 4C natural hair. It is produced and manufactured locally in South Africa, which is an automatic “YAAAAASS!!!” for me.

I did a complete wash day and 2 strand bantu knot twist out, using only Nativechild products. I started with a Pre-poo using their oils, then washed and deep conditioned my hair to prepare for the bantu knots. Watch the video to see how I do my twist out bantu knots(skip to time mark 4:53).

Nativechild is offering Starter Combo, which includes: the avocado, castor & coconut oil for R159 total. You can purchase it here:

*Watch me in1080 HD*

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Products I have used:

Avocado Oil

Deep Conditioner

Moisturising Shampoo

Almond Oil


Castor Oil

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